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Approx. | 20 minutes


This online First Aid course is designed for all workers.  The course covers the knowledge co-workers need to respond safely to a first aid emergency at work.



First aid 


UNIT 1 |  Introduction

In this first unit, we provide an overview of emergency first aid in the workplace and the regulations regarding this. An emergency requiring first aid response is the type of situation that we all hope never to encounter. However, if it does happen, it’s vital to be prepared.

UNIT 2 |  Surveys (Primary and Secondary)

Unit 2 highlights the steps to take in order to conduct both a first aid primary survey and a secondary survey. 

UNIT 3 |  Life-threatening emergencies

In unit 3 we explain how to respond to some of the most common life-threatening emergencies.

UNIT 4 |  Non-life-threatening emergencies

In the fourth unit, we explain the first aid response for a range of non-life-threatening emergencies.

UNIT 5 |  Workplace first aid best practice

In the final unit, we explain general best practice to keep in mind as a workplace first aider.  We also recap on the key lessons learnt across the course.

First Aid certificate