How to Delegate


Effective delegations skills are critical for effective management.  This online accredited course clearly explains the principles of effective delegation to improve your management skills.


Online Delegation Skills Training

In the competitive modern business world the ability to delegate effectively is critical for every manager.

This short delegation skills course will provide your managers with the knowledge they need to develop this core skill.  The course takes around 25 minutes to complete

At the end of the training there is a short multiple choice quiz.  This provides an opportunity for delegates to evidence what they have learnt.  Once 80% or more is achieved the completion certificate will be emailed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles, processes and methods of delegation
  • Be able to identify appropriate delegation opportunities
  • Be able to positively engage with and delegate to others
  • Be able to maintain control while delegating
  • Be able to enhance the job satisfaction and development of others

Delegation Skills


UNIT 1 |  What is Delegation?

UNIT 2 |  Principles of Delegation

UNIT 3 |  How to delegate

UNIT 4 |  Maintaining Control

UNIT 4 |  Enhancing Job Satisfaction

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