SHE for Staff


Provide staff with the knowledge needed to work in both a health and safe way.

Duration | 50 minutes


SHE for Staff eLearning | Using computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones is essential for modern working, but awkward postures, repetitive actions and simply sitting for too long can cause ill-health. This includes musculoskeletal disorders - aches, pains and strains, stress, visual fatigue and even more serious conditions linked to physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour.

Other risks linked to office work can include:

driving for work
• using chemicals
• violence and aggression
• lone working
• environmental conditions: temperature, lighting, space and noise

This online SHE for Staff course covers these issues and other aspects of who to work in a safe manner.

Follows OSHA best practice. 

The platform allows you to email this course to colleagues, track completion and download certificates.


SHE for Staff


This Office Safety course is designed to be an efficient and effective way to cover all training that is required by regulations that relate to an office environment.   

By providing this knowledge to staff you meet legislative requirements and you may also find commercial benefits, from lower absenteeism to greater productivity.

Available on phones, tablets and desktops computers the course is both simple to use and engaging. 

First Aid certificate