Hazard Identification


This Hazard Identification eLearning provides the knowledge to needed to de-risk your workplace.

Duration | 60 minutes


Hazard Identification eLearning | Accidents affect your business if output is lost, machinery damaged, or insurance costs increase.

But how do you know if your business is safe?

You cannot know the answer to this question unless you assess the hazards and implement appropriate measures.

This Hazard Identification and Assessment eLearning will teach you how to conduct effective risk assessments in your workplace that will help reduce the likelihood of incident or injury.

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Hazard Identification eLearning Sample


Hazard Identification


The Hazard Identification course covers  all that you need to know in order to conduct effective risk assessments in your business.

  1. Key Terminology
  2. Risk Assessment Legislation
  3. How to complete a Risk Assessment
  4. Risk Assessments in Practice
  5. Common Hazards
  6. Monitoring Risk Assessments
  7. Course Conclusion and Quiz
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