Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness


Designed of all work where Hydrogen Sulfide could be present.


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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness eLearningHydrogen Sulfide is one of the most dangerous gasses that can be encountered in the workplace, and exposure can result in serious ill health, and even death.

Hydrogen Sulfide is a requirement of workers in many different industries, including but not limited to; wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, natural gas, mining, and the petroleum industry.

The aim of this Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness training course to give workers the knowledge required to understand the hazards and controls associated with working in an environment where they could potentially be exposed to H₂S.

Our training course is 100% online, meets OSHA H2S training requirements and includes certificate.

Confined Space Hazards | Excavation Safety | Communication Skills

Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Sample


Hydrogen Sulfide


Unit 1 |  Introduction to Hydrogen Sulphide

  • The characteristics and dangers of H₂S
  • Where H₂S can be found
  • Factors that increase the risk of H₂S exposure
  • H₂S exposure case studies

Unit 2 |  H₂S exposure

  • H₂S workplace exposure limits
  • Health effects of H₂S exposure

Unit 3 |  Working safely around H₂S

  • H₂S safety precautions
  • Responding to a gas alarm
First Aid certificate