Accident Investigation


Designed for all with responsibility for safety management this Accident Investigation eLearning teaches how to effective investigate workplace accidents effectively

Duration | 60 minutes

Accident Investigation eLearning | Investigating accidents and understanding the elements which contribute to workplace injuries or near misses is a vital part of an effective safety culture.  OSHA standards (1960.29) also require the accidents are investigated.

In this course we outline some of the theories, procedures, and requirements necessary to complete effective investigation.  This will help you ensure that your co-workers are all operating in the safest environment possible. 

Delegation Skills | Communication Skills | Materials Handling

Accident Investigation Sample


Accident Investigation


UNIT 1 |  Introduction

In this first unit we define the main terminology used in incident investigation.

You will learn that near misses are equally important to investigate because the insight into risks and hazards they provide enable steps to be taken which can reduce the chance of an incident in future.

UNIT 2 |  Investigating Accidents

In this unit we will look at how to investigate incidents. 

UNIT 3 |  Causes of Accidents

As we mentioned earlier, an incident is an unplanned and unwanted event which disrupts the work process and has the potential of resulting in injury, harm, or damage to persons or property.

In this final unit we look at the general causes of incidents so you know what to look for.

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